The steps, beaten over the centuries by pilgrims walking along these paths, the procession on Good Friday morning still today transmits a unique story that begins in the early morning hours.

A cross bearer with a cross of around 30 kg leads the procession along the 5.5 km long path of penance whilst singing the traditional song '' Our Lady's Tears''. In the distance the sound of clappers (škrgojke) can be heard with which children mark stations, although they never meet the procession. Close to the small church of St Michael, one of three small early Christian churches located on the path (we can also find the small churches of St Peter and St Vitus here). A breathtaking view over the Dol and Postira is offered from the lookout point of Kučac, whilst on the second part of the journey you will have the feeling of having Škrip, Dol and Postira on your hand. You can walk the trail all year around, but if you find yourself in Dol during the Easter Holiday, this procession should not be missed.