The statue of Our Lady, dating back to the 19th century can be found in a small chapel on a cliff where and (according to legend) it was created as follows:

It was incredibly hot that summer’s day. A local man was in the field, but when he saw that a storm was brewing, he set off for home. A great storm caught up with him and so he decided to seek refuge in a cave, under a large rock. The earth was trembling due to the strong thunderstorm. Suddenly, a terrible flash lit up the bay and lightning struck nearby. The man noticed a beautiful figure of a woman in white, covered with a veil. Several times he tried to get closer but he couldn’t from the place where he was standing. Lighting was raging and the woman started to move her hands back and forth ever more intensely, whilst calling him. The man moved toward her, but she disappeared. In that moment lighting flashed and a large stone over the cave crashed down exactly in the place where he had been standing.

He therefore realized that the woman in white was the Mother of God. To give thanks he decided to hollow out a small chapel in the rock using his bare hands. A chapel that is still visited by religious women today, particularly during the month of May and during the feast of the blessing of the field. The place is known as “Pod gormu” and the chapel is dedicated to “Our Lady of Gorma”, most probably because the Mother of God saved that local man from the thunder bolt.