This is a story about Dol’s hrapoćuša, which explains how to prepare the island of Brač’s traditional cake. It is also a story about the magnificent climate of Dol, the ecological and ethnological village that shaped the mentality of its people whose activities have enriched everyday life there and whose aforementioned skills are worthy of being included on the Croatian Republic’s Ministry of Culture’s list of protected cultural heritage. The Dol cake is unique for its rough and rustic appearance, and was named after the local stone, hrapoćuša. to which this sweet is reminiscent. This is a rough reddish coloured stone used in the construction of stone walls as well as in residential and commercial complexes.
No wedding or important celebration in Dol could take place without the hrapoćuša. Every woman jealously guards her recipe and that secret is passed to the younger generations by means of oral tradition. No written recipe existed for the cake although thanks to its ingredients is also known as the sweet Brač aphrodisiac.
Hrapoćuša Night has been taking place since 2010, on August, 16, as part of the Feast of St. Roch. This event should not be missed when planning summer events on our island.
We therefore invite you to visit Dol, taste the hrapoćuša and take a part of this particular story away with you!

Traditional recipe

Ingredients for 12 portions:
For the sponge:
12 egg yolks
4 egg whites
12 spoons of sugar
4 spoons of warm water
12 spoons of flour
some rum
vanilla to taste
grated lemon zest
For the sauce:
half a kilogram of sugar
¾ kg halved walnuts
8 egg whites


Mix the twelve yolks, four whites and twelve tablespoons of sugar for the sponge and add four tablespoons of warm water, twelve tablespoons of flour, some rum, vanilla and grated lemon zest. Take the mixture and bake it in a cake mould.  Heat half a kilo of sugar, 3/4 kilo of halved walnuts (leaving a few aside to decorate) and add the eight egg whites. When this becomes golden, carefully pour the mixture onto the prepared and cooled sponge covering it completely, on the top and sides.
Place the finished cake in warm oven to dry.